Special Reserve Coffee Blends

Beaver Rock Special Reserve series highlights specific regions which are known for their unique taste in Arabica coffee.  Regions that have been chosen by our Roastmaster because they each offer exceptional quality as well as subtle tones and tastes that differ greatly from one region to the next.  Treat yourself to something special with one of our premium single origin coffees.

Guatemalan Special Reserve

Guatemala began to develop it's coffee industry in the early 1800's.  By 1859 over a half million coffee trees had been planted and by 1880 coffee accounted for 90% of Guatemala's exports.  For over 150 years now Guatemalan coffee farmers have been perfecting their crop, creating a unique flavour of coffee that can now be experienced in every cup of Guatemalan Special Reserve.  Taste 5 generations of coffee perfection in seconds with every press of the button.


Costa Rican Tarrazu

Over 70% of Costa Rica's coffee is produced in the mountains, which vary in altitude from 3,280 to 5,580 feet above sea level.  Mountain temperatures range from 63 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sunlight is stable and precipitation levels are ideal.  All these factors have made Costa Rica what many would call the perfect environment for coffee farming and it comes out in every cup you drink.


Peruvian Special Reserve

Our Peruvian Special Reserve coffee is hand-picked just at the right moment from the high mountain regions of Peru.  Nestled among the ruins of Machu Picchu are vast regions of coffee plantations well known for their organic farming methods and natural respect for the coffee bean and the environment they are grown in.  The proof is in the coffee, don't hesitate to try this Special Reserve, you will not be disappointed!