Flavoured Coffee Blends

Flavoured Coffee Blends

Beaver Rock Roastery never compromises on the quality of our coffee regardless of whether or not flavouring is added.  Rest assured, we only use the best 100% Arabica coffee beans from South America, well known for their aromatic and robust coffee flavour.  The coffee beans are then mildly roasted which locks in all the essential oils and wonderful flavours.  Flavouring is then added to the roasted coffee beans and is allowed to soak into the beans for just the right amount of time.  Taking no shortcuts, Beaver Rock has created premium coffee in unique flavourings for your enjoyment.

Black Cherry

A perfectly roasted Arabica coffee bean paired with an unlikely yet delicious hint of black cherry.  A surprising combination that satisfies any pallet and adds extra kick to your usual cup of coffee.


Cinnamon Danish

The name says it all, our Cinnamon Danish blend has all the great taste of this delicious pastry condensed into a well-balanced aromatic cup of coffee.  A great way to start the day or as a special treat anytime.

Toasted Coconut

A tropical combination of Toasted Coconut with a mildly roasted Arabica bean is the perfect pairing for any time of day.  A pleasant escape from the norm has made this blend a consumer favourite.