Providing Quality Coffee for Industry Leaders

In nearly every industry coffee, tea and other hot beverages are a relevant product. Whether you sell it at the retail level or serve it to customers and guests, it is a commodity that is taken seriously by the consumer. As a business, you take pride in knowing your customer receives exceptional service and products. Coffee and tea should be no exception.

Beaver Rock has created 4 unique programs that accommodate industries such as Food Service, Grocery & Retail, Hotels, and Coffee Roasters. Scroll down to read more about our programs and feel free to contact us for more details on how we can extend our quality and standards to your business.


Beaver Rock Roastery is a Canadian owned and operated manufacturer and roaster that specializes in working with Hotels providing premium coffee and tea products. We offer our Product in many different roasts and flavours to suit a variety of tastes. Our Product is available to your hotel in many different packing formats: from whole bean or ground coffee in bags or pot size pouches, to our Single-Serve Coffee Cup Products. We can even create a Private Label Product exclusively for your Hotel. 

  • bulk bag coffee
  • ground coffee
  • fractional packs (pot size pouches)
  • single-serve coffee cups

Restaurants & Food Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a custom coffee blend that is 100% unique to your location?  Well now you can.  Beaver Rock's Custom Coffee facility allows you to create your own coffee blen using a variety of different beans and roasts. You will have the opportunity to sample and blend multiple coffees until you find a blend that's just right for you.   You can then choose how you would like to receive your blend; full bags (whole bean or ground), fractional packs or even single-serve cups.  Add extra revenue to your business by selling your coffee using our Private Labeling programs. 

Grocery Retail

Beaver Rock Roastery is a wholly-owned Canadian manufacturer offering single-serve cups, whole bean and ground premium coffee.  Whether you decide to select from our variety of premium Beaver Rock Roastery products or create your own coffee brand using our Private Labelling service,  we have a solution that will work for your business.

We have a full range of SKU’s available: (Single Serve & Bagged)

  • Coffee & Flavoured Coffee’s
  • Decaf Coffee & Flavoured Decaf’s
  • Teas & Flavoured Teas
  • Hot Chocolate and more

Looking for more margins in the competitive and growing single-serve market? Let us create a private label brand just for you.

Office Coffee

Do you have a busy office and want to provide your employees and clients with a premium, freshly roasted coffee service?  We can help you with coffee service solutions for your office.  Give us a call @ 705-728-7888, we would love to talk with you!