Private Label


Single-serve coffee has become the fastest growing segment of the coffee market. Just over 40% of money spent on coffee is now spent on single-serve coffee. Although this market is extremely profitable, the barriers to enter are high. Why tie up millions of dollars in new capital spending when you can have it done for you to your specifications? The few companies that offer a private label program typically have very high minimums and long-term re-order commitment contracts that put your first order at over a million cups just to start. Beaver Rock is proud to offer the lowest minimums in the industry with NO commitment on re-orders.

Our roaster is computerized and digitally controlled creating a consistent roast profile each and every time your coffee is roasted to ensure quality and consistency.


For those who already have a coffee brand that they are happy with we also offer the industry leading services in “Co-Packing” your already existing coffee into single-serve cups. Much like our Private Label services, we offer the lowest ordering minimums in the industry with no commitment to re-orders. This is because we know your customers will be happy with your product. Co-packing can be done in a variety of different ways, you can provide us with your beans or we can roast your recipe at our facility.