Premium Coffee Blends

Premium Coffee Blends

Beaver Rock Roastery has built its reputation on packaging the best tasting cup of coffee in the single-serve market.  We start by using premium beans from select regions all over the world.  Then we roast our coffee to precise profiles created by our award winning Roastmaster.  Lastly we grind and package the coffee on a very strict timeline that seals in every bit of freshness.  This process has made every cup of Beaver Rock coffee the freshest cup available!

Breakfast Blend

Rich in taste and highly aromatic making it a true Breakfast Blend to get your day off to a great start.  Breakfast Blend uses a unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans from High Grown regions in South America and is lightly roasted to allow all the unique flavour and aromas to shine through.


Morning Rush

Looking for a little extra kick in the morning?  Morning Rush contains 30% more caffeine than our other blends.  We achieve this by combining different beans from around the world with no extra additives.  Mildly roasted to perfection to help jump start or recharge your day.

Medium Roast

The perfect cup for anytime of day, well balanced and aromatic with no bitter after tones.  Our Medium Roast is a great cup of coffee to have with a meal or simply on its own.  Try it for yourself and see why this has become one of our most popular roasts.


For the experienced coffee drinker looking for something with just a little bit extra.  Roasted to be both Dark and Intense in flavour without any bitter aftertaste.  This three-bean blend brings beans from 3 different continents to your cup, with each bean uniquely roasted to bring out the best flavour profiles of each type.

Dark Roast

One of our Roastmaster's crowning achievements is our Dark Roast Coffee.  Full bodied with no burnt aftertaste which can commonly be found in traditional Dark Roast blends.  Full bodied with balanced acidity.