Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Beaver Rock Roastery is pleased to work with the Swiss Water company from Vancouver, British Columbia.  We use only Swiss Water decaffeinated Arabica green coffee beans because their decaffeination water process removes 99.9% of the caffeine using a gentle, chemical-free process that allows the true flavour and essence of the coffee bean to remain intact.

In addition to Mild and Dark decaf roasts, Beaver Rock is pleased to offer 3 flavoured decaf blends; Cinnamon Danish, Toasted Coconut and Black Cherry.

DECAF Black Cherry

A perfectly roasted Arabica coffee bean paired with an unlikely yet delicious hint of black cherry.  A surprising combination that satisfies any pallet and adds extra kick to your usual cup of coffee...without the caffeine!


DECAF Cinnamon Danish

The name says it all, our Cinnamon Danish blend has all the great taste of this delicious pastry condensed into a well-balanced aromatic cup of coffee.  A great way to enjoy this special treat without the caffeine!


DECAF Toasted Coconut

A tropical combination of Toasted Coconut and a mildly roasted Arabica bean is the perfect pairing for any time of day.  A pleasant escape from the norm has made this blend a consumer favourite.


DECAF Mild Roast

Made from 100% Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee beans imported from Columbia.  The coffee is a mild roast with a light balanced taste and great aromatic properties.  99.9% caffeine free coffee that has all the flavour one comes to expect from our Mild Roast.


DECAF Dark Roast

We listened to our customers and they told us time and time again that they wanted the option to have a dark roast coffee without the caffeine, but could not find one.  Beaver Rock's DECAF Dark Roast coffee has all the robust body of our traditional dark roast... without the caffeine.  Enjoy!