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Introducing the First Fully Recyclable Single Serve Coffee Cup

Using 100% Recyclable Materials

Eco-conscience caffeine addicts can soon sip their brew guilt-free as Beaver Rock Roastery releases the industry’s first-ever fully recyclable single-serve coffee cups. (depending on your local municipalities recycling guidelines)

Dubbed the Lcup—the L stands for “less impact” on the environment—Beaver Rock’s new line of coffee cups are compatible with original and 2.0 brewing machines, but can easily be taken apart, emptied out and recycled.

The competitions cup designs are not recyclable, something that was a big concern for Beaver Rock’s customers.

Unlike traditional cup designs, the L-cup’s lid is easily peeled off (similar to a yogurt container) and all of the materials are recyclable, making it a quick process to separate and sort. The cup was named one of the top 10 most innovative products at the 2014 Grocery Innovations Canada trade show.

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How It Works

The Most Recyclable Cup On the Market

Allow cup to cool

Remove lid and place in metal recycling

Dispose of used grounds in organic recylcing

Rinse and place remaining cup and filter in plastic recycling

About Beaver Rock

Proudly Producing the Best Coffee in Canada

Beaver Rock Roastery

Beaver Rock Roastery is a Canadian born company that produces single serve coffee cups for home and office. We are located in Barrie, Ontario Canada and are independently owned and operated. Our facility was designed to package a single serve coffee cup fresher than any other on the market. We produce a variety of different hot beverage products in our own line, but also offer services in creating Custom Coffee for independent customers through our Private Label and Co-Packing programs. Beaver Rock is a one stop shop for all your coffee, tea and specialty drink needs.

About Beaver Rock

Servicing These Industries

We create excellent and environmentally friendly coffee for the twenty-first century


Restaurants & Food Service

Grocery Retail

Coffee Roasters

Freshness Redefined

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What is fresh coffee? Consumers have been led to believe that coffee is supposed to be fresh if it sits in a pot burning for less than 20 minutes.
Really, is that it?
Beaver Rock Roastery is redefining what it means to have a REALLY fresh tasting cup of coffee. We believe that a fresh cup of coffee only comes from:

  • The finest quality Arabica Coffee Beans selectively chosen from Central & South America and select regions in Africa
  • Freshly roasted in small batches within 48 hours of being packaged to ensure all the richness and flavours are captured from the roasting process
  • The roasted coffee beans are ground only hours before being packaged
  • The ground coffee is precisely measured per cup and sealed in packaging that virtually eliminates contact with Oxygen and moisture that can easily stale and spoil the TRUE coffee flavours
  • And finally, REALLY FRESH COFFEE enjoyed within a minute of you pressing the Brew button! 
That… is freshness redefined!

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Our Refreshing Products

Our incredible people craft amazing coffee. Want to get in touch?

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