Coffee Perfected Locally

Welcome to Beaver Rock!

Beaver Rock Roastery has built its reputation on packaging the best tasting, freshest cup of coffee in the single-serve market.  We start by using premium beans taken from select regions all over the world.  Then we roast our coffee to precise profiles created by our award winning Roastmaster.  Lastly we grind and package our coffee on a very strict timeline to seal in every bit of freshness.  This process makes Beaver Rock Coffee the freshest single-serve cup available!

Our coffee is also available in Whole Beans!  Coming Soon - COLD BREW COFFEE


Premium Coffee Blends

Special Reserve Coffee Blends

Flavoured Coffee Blends

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Eco Friendly


Using 100% Recyclable Materials

Eco-conscience caffeine addicts can enjoy their brew guilt-free as our single-serve coffee cups are fully recyclable*.

Not all single-serve cups on the Market are recyclable, which is a big concern for us and our Environment, that's why we were the first to introduce the 100% recyclable single-serve cup.  Our uniquely designed single-serve cups provide “less impact” on the environment as the lid is easily peeled off (similar to a yogurt container) and all of the materials are recyclable, making it a quick process to separate and sort.

subject to local municipality recycling guidelines